Boingo TV brings their Military IPTV service to the Amazon Fire TV


Boingo TV has just released an app for their internet TV service on all Fire TV models, including the Fire TV Stick. The service is only available to US military personnel living on participating US military bases and starts from $19.95 per month. The service offers channels like Fox Sports, MLB Network, National Geographic, FX, Showtime, Starz, and more.

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  1. drewb0y says:

    Too bad it’s not available to the general public as well. Is there any similar service with similar channels available other than Sling TV?

    • Phil says:

      Yes, USTVnow is available as a Kodi addon. You just need to “claim” you are US resident living abroad. They really don’t check. I found it worked well except when a channel was in heavy demand. I also have issues in general with Internet in prime time.

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