Arnold Schwarzenegger to star in Western Series ‘Outrider’ for Amazon

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Arnold Schwarzenegger won’t be reprising his role as Conan in Amazon’s upcoming Conan series, but he will be staring as Federal Marshall in a new Amazon original series titled Outrider, according to Deadline. The western series follows a deputy in the late 1800’s who is tasked to apprehend a legendary outlaw. The deputy partners with a ruthless Marshall played by Schwarzenegger, making ‘Outrider’ Schwarzenegger’s first regular role in a television series. Trey Callaway and Mark Montgomery will write and executive produce the new series. Schwarzenegger and Mace Neufeld, who is also an executive producer on the upcoming Amazon series Jack Ryan, will also produce Outrider.

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  1. Icky says:

    A very old heavy guy with a non-American accent is not what I think of when I think of old west marshalls. Sounds like a stupid show.


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