Apple reportedly testing new 4K capable Apple TV

What probably comes as no surprise to anyone, Apple is reportedly testing a new Apple TV that is capable of 4K playback, according to a new report by Bloomberg. People familiar with the plans say the new device, internally codenamed “J105,” is also capable of displaying “more vivid colors,” which likely means support for HDR content. Bloomberg’s article points out that the current Apple TV, released in 2015, as well as the new unreleased model consist of numerous compromises that have resulted in a product that is evolutionary instead of revolutionary. Apple’s original vision for the product included connectors for a coaxial port to replace cable boxes, a game controller to compete with Microsoft’s Xbox and Sony’s PlayStation, and microphones for hands free Siri communication. None of that panned out and Apple “essentially settled for turning the television set into a giant iPhone.” A 4K capable Apple TV, as well as HDR support, is inevitable from Apple, but it sounds like a disruption of how the average customer consumes streaming media is not coming with the next generation device.

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  1. Tony Ramirez says:

    Please Apple come out with a proper remote that is not touch. The remote is the worst thing about the new Apple TV and no I don’t want to use a phone or a IR remote.

    • AFTVnews says:

      Agreed. The only thing touch improves is scrolling through large lists. It feels like it’s different for the sake of being different.

    • derrick says:

      yeah i wouldn’t mind getting one for my parents as they are all apple everything but my mother isn’t even great with the iphone touch screen and she’d get carpal tunnel.


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