Apple Music is now available on all Amazon Fire TVs

Support for the Apple Music Skill has just arrived on the Amazon Fire TV. All Fire TV models in the US can now use Alexa to listen to their Apple Music subscription by simply making a music request by voice and adding “on Apple Music” to the end of the request. If you’ve already set up the Apple Music Skill, from when support arrived on Echo devices, you’re already set to listen through a Fire TV device. For everyone else, you’ll need to link the skill to your Apple Music subscription through the Alexa app. From there you can also set Apple Music as your default music service, if you’d like, so that all music requests play through Apple’s service, without needing to specifically say “…on Apple Music.” Additionally, Fire TV Cube owners will be able to listen to Apple Music synced up with other Alexa devices, since the Cube gained support for whole-home audio a few months ago. Support for Apple Music on both Fire TVs and Echos will be coming to the UK in a few weeks.

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  1. Brantome says:

    Hi, where did you get the info that Apple Music support will be coming to the Uk ‘in a few weeks’? Haven’t seen this mentioned anywhere…

  2. bajjohn1 says:

    Elias, have you ever dealt with the issue of the back button not working on the remote for the FireTv second generation? Amazon has sent me three remotes but the same problem comes back. I have to restart my FireTv in order for the back button to work. Annoying! Can you help?

  3. Looking forward to this as don’t want to subscribe to Prime Music when I already use Apple Music :-)

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