App List: Ready to Battle


Amazon has curated another list of games to help free your account of all those free Amazon Coins they gave out last month. These 16 games should get your blood pumping and battle ready. 

[amazon template=app&asin=B00J5RPU68]
[amazon template=app&asin=B00J06HWC4]
[amazon template=app&asin=B00IS5E7O4]
[amazon template=app&asin=B00ICHPQ84]
[amazon template=app&asin=B00I8T5334]
[amazon template=app&asin=B00HRC40T6]
Double Dragon Trilogy currently gives 90 coins back when purchased
[amazon template=app&asin=B00H2NUI64]
[amazon template=app&asin=B00G4OP8OO]
[amazon template=app&asin=B00FBA5FCW]
[amazon template=app&asin=B00E7NAVZA]
[amazon template=app&asin=B00E46SGYI]
Prince of Persia currently gives 90 coins back when purchased
[amazon template=app&asin=B00DYWO09I]
[amazon template=app&asin=B00DNX7N2O]
[amazon template=app&asin=B00DMM3WVM]
[amazon template=app&asin=B00AO2P3GA]
[amazon template=app&asin=B009FCK22K]


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