App List: Perfect Puzzlers

This list of 10 puzzle games curated by Amazon has popped up on the Fire TV. It contains some old favorites and some new games we’re eager to try.

[amazon template=app&asin=B00KLNBEGK]
2048 Pro currently gives 30 coins back when purchase
[amazon template=app&asin=B00JQVLYUY]
The full version of CLARC is $4.99 and currently gives 150 coins back when purchase
[amazon template=app&asin=B00IUM7EAO]
[amazon template=app&asin=B00HAOGSYG]
[amazon template=app&asin=B00F83HZH0]
[amazon template=app&asin=B00CT2P6VA]
Experiment currently gives 39 coins back when purchased
[amazon template=app&asin=B00AQJYALU]
[amazon template=app&asin=B00902AKK4]
Quell Reflect currently gives 60 coins back when purchase
[amazon template=app&asin=B006OOHYIC]
[amazon template=app&asin=B0055SWM08]

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