App Deal: Wifi FTP Server down from $1.99 to $0.99 [Expired]

Wifi FTP Server has just gone on sale for $0.99. This is the first time this app has dropped below its regular price of $1.99. This app allows you to start an FTP server on your Fire TV or Fire TV Stick in order to remotely access files stored on your device. Note that the app only gives access to files stored in the /sdcard directory of your Fire TV. This means it will not allow you to transfer files on or off of a USB drive connected to a Fire TV because those files are located at /storage/extUsb.

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  1. cdlenfert says:

    You can do this via ES File explorer, and may have even greater access to files on your system.

    • Don Black says:

      Do you have to be rooted to use this functinality? Are the any possibilities of gaining root access with this method.

  2. Kate Mail says:

    FTP works great only if there is some expert to support it. On the other hand, Binfer can be run on any computer without separate server or client components. See FTP alternative.


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