App Deal: Swamp Defense 2 down from $2.48 to FREE [Expired]

Swamp Defense 2, a tower defense game, has just gone Free. This game was released last week at $2.48 and went on sale 2 days ago for $0.99. If you picked it up while it was on sale, a quick chat with Amazon’s customer service should get you a refund. According to the developer, the game will be free today and tomorrow. This game is full of content with 54 unlockable maps and 9 unique tower types. The game carries a 4 out of 5 star rating on Google Play and requires a game controller to play.

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One comment
  1. Chad says:

    The game is a really fun and welcome addition to the limited family of FireTV TD games. I would not have regretted paying the full price for it. TD wise it is very similar to BloonTD, not nearly as polished or robust but still very solid with plenty of content. You upgrade and buy towers with coins gained beating stages but can also be purchased with real money.

    After clearing the first ten stages, it doesn’t look like purchasing coins will be necessary as they can easily be earned through playing. I will probably end up buying the 20% gold booster as a thank you to the devs. Also features whispersync save which is very nice.


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