App Deal: Santa’s Monster Shootout down from $0.99 to FREE [Expired]

Santa’s Monster Shootout, an endless shooter game, has just gone Free. This game was just released a few days ago for $0.99. If history is any indication, I don’t expect this game to stay free for long. The developer of this game released M.A.C.E. for the Fire TV last week and offered it for free for just a few hours. There’s a chance they’re doing the same with this new game so click the link above and head on over to Amazon if you want a chance at nabbing this game for free. It’s compatible with both the Fire Game Controller and Voice Remote, and features endless levels with 6 different attainable weapons.

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One comment
  1. Chad says:

    Game is terrible. Not even worth the bandwith it took to download the 30mb. The art style is nice, but the game is basically pointing left and right and shooting. No character animations at all when attacking or being attacked. When you die it just goes to a game over screen.


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