App Deal: pFolio for Google Photos down from $2.89 to $0.69 w/ coins [Expired]


If you’re an Android phone or Google Photo user, you’ll be happy to hear that pFolio for Google Photos can be purchased for $0.69 when you factor in Amazon Coins. The app is normally $2.89 but is on sale for $0.99 and is offering a 30 coin reward. This is the lowest price this app has ever been. pFolio allows you to access your entire Google Photo library using your Fire TV or Fire TV Stick. I’ve been using this app for years to easily view the photos that get automatically backed up to Google Photos from my Android devices. The app is fully compatible with Google’s 2-factor authentication, so there’s no concern there. It displays both photos and videos stored in your Google Photos account. One nice feature is you can select to store all photos the app downloads on external USB or microSD storage. If you prefer to store your photos with Google instead of Amazon, this is one of the best Fire TV apps I’ve found to access those photos.

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