App Deal: Minecraft – Story Mode down from $4.99 to FREE [Expired]


The game Minecraft: Story Mode has just gone free for the first time. This is an episodic game, so you’re only getting the first episode for free. This is a point-and-click adventure game based on the very popular Minecraft game. The main storyline consists of 5 episodes which were then expanded upon by the release of 3 additional episodes. After getting the first episode for free through this price drop, you’ll have the option to buy additional episodes individually, for $4.99 each, or all episodes at once through a season pass, for $24.99. You can also buy just the original 5 episodes for $14.99 or just the 3 expansion episodes for $11.99. Oddly, Minecraft: Story Mode is currently only compatible with the 1st-gen Fire TV, but I suspect that is a mistake since all other Telltale games are compatible with the Fire TV 2 as well. If you have a Fire TV 2 and are interested in the game, you might as well pick up the game for free and select “cloud only” from the dropdown menu on Amazon.

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  1. William Hughes says:

    Minecraft: Story Mode is also Free on nVidia Shield TV. I just finished download. Thanks.


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