App Deal: Jelly Blox down from $1.99 to FREE [Expired]


Jelly Blox, a puzzle game, has just gone free. This is the first time this game has ever been available for free. It’s a simple puzzle game where you roll a block around the screen to reach the markers on the floor. The game is compatible with all Fire TV models, including the Fire TV Stick, and works with the regular remote control, so a game controller is not required.

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One comment
  1. kilnvideo says:

    has no menu system so if you restart it goes back to level 1? interesting enough if not a bit simple. glad it didn’t cost 1.99$.

    also, first free app I’ve seen with the price in a strikethrough. isn’t the best indication of free Amazon could use.

    we should be able to leave reviews via ftv interface too. that’s quite annoying.


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