App Deal: Bridge Constructor Playground down from $2.62 to FREE [Expired]


Bridge Constructor Playground has just gone FREE. This is one of the many tablet games that works with the Fire TV. Amazon added support for “Tablet Games on TV” about a year ago, where you can use a game controller to move a cursor on screen to use as a simulated finger for touch-based games. Bridge Constructor Playground is an ideal game for such an interface because it doesn’t involve any fast paced action moments. You can take your time and align the cursor just right in this puzzle game. You won’t be able to “deliver” this game to your Fire TV through Amazon’s website, but you’ll be able to install it just fine if you search for it on your Fire TV. It’s compatible with both the 1st and 2nd-gen Fire TV. This game is being offered for free as part of Amazon’s Holiday App Bundle Giveaway that includes 13 apps and games, of which 2 are compatible with the Fire TV.

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