Amazon’s Super Bowl ad envisions celebrities replacing Alexa

After releasing a few short teaser videos earlier this week, Amazon has published their full 90 second Alexa ad which will air sometime during the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl this Sunday. It’s frankly pretty funny and worth watching. It’s definitely better than last year’s ad, that’s for sure. I won’t spoil the ad any more than I already have with the title of this post, but the ad ends with Alexa speaking in a distinctly better voice than you’re probably used to, leading some to wonder if an updated voice is on the horizon.

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  1. Patricia says:

    This commercial is hilarious! I watched it three times. I love Anthony Hopkins in it!

  2. itzme says:

    Do you think they’re about to release a whole new Alex voice? That sounded like a teaser.

  3. Madonna says:

    Serously. F*** region-specific videos in 2018. It’s a bloody ad. AN AD!


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