Amazon’s Echo Dot + TP-Link Smart Plug bundle for $34.99 is among the best deals this Black Friday [Expired]

To get buyers started with smart home devices, Amazon is offering buyers of any Echo device a smart plug for $5 dollars extra. By including the heavily discounted Echo Dot in the offer, it makes the bundle one the best deals for Black Friday. The Echo Dot and TP-Link Smart Plug bundle is only $34.99 total. With the Echo Dot normally $49.99 and the TP-Link plug commonly $29.99, the current bundle is 56% off. The two devices complement each other very well because they give you the first two components of a smart home setup: something that can be controlled and something that can do the controlling.

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  1. Charlie says:

    I didn’t think I really wanted a Dot or a smart plug, but at this price I ordered one just to see what it’s all about. I suspect the Dot will be a dust collector, but maybe I’ll like it and the combo will make a nice C-list ad too.

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