Amazon’s Alexa now has over 1,000 skills


If you haven’t taken a look at the list of Alexa skills recently, you may be missing out. There are now over 1,000 different Alexa skills that third-party developers have created to expand Alexa’s capabilities. Over the past few months, Amazon has made it easier to uncover skills by adding filtering and sorting functionality to the Alexa app and web portal. You can sort Alexa skills by rating or by newest arrival, and filter to only see smart home related skills.

Alexa’s skill selection isn’t just filled with cat facts either. Large companies like Capital One, Domino’s, Fitbit, KAYAK, and many others have caught on to the popularity of Alexa and have created skills to expand its capabilities. All Alexa skills are compatible with all Alexa enabled devices, including the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick. You can even use Amazon’s web simulator to try skills out from the comfort of your browser.

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  1. Graeme Oxley says:

    Alas people in the UK are to stupid to use Alexa seems we get half a product

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