Amazon Trade-In $35/$25 discount stacks with Prime Day sales for the Fire TV Cube and Fire TV 3

Several people have been asking if the $35/$25 Trade-In Discount promotion that Amazon has been running for about a month works with today’s Prime Day sales on the Amazon Fire TV Cube and Fire TV. I can confirm that yes, if you traded in a streaming device like I instructed last month, you will receive $35 off of the $89.99 Fire TV Cube sale price or $25 off of the $34.99 Fire TV sale price today. Better yet, as you can see from the screenshot above, the $10 Whole Foods promotion also stacks, bringing the Fire TV Cube price down to $44.99 and making the Fire TV completely free. And don’t forget you received $2.99 in Amazon credit for the trade-in, making the final prices even lower.

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