Amazon Prime Instant Video to get High Dynamic Range content

Amazon today announced their original content will arrive in high dynamic range (HDR) quality later this year to Amazon Prime Instant Video. Amazon says they are also working with Hollywood studios and consumer electronics companies to bring additional HDR content to to customers this year.

HDR video uses image capturing techniques coupled with new television technologies to produce a greater range of luminosity than traditional video. In layman’s terms, HDR video results in a brighter more vivid image without compromising picture detail. It is quickly becoming the next “big thing” in television technology after 4K video. Unlike 3D TV, HDR video is looking to become a permanent fixture due to it’s clear picture improvements.


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  1. xxx says:

    I would assume that will also mean I need the new upcoming HDMI 2.0a Standard and the TV needs to support this too. And there needs to be a new Fire TV also to support this standard I assume… or at least a Firmware Upgrade… this is not clear on the specification:


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