Amazon partners with Getty Images to include relevant pictures with Alexa responses

Amazon and Getty Images have announced a partnership that will bring Getty’s vast library of over 200 million assets to Alexa devices. Amazon will be displaying relevant images alongside Alexa responses on devices with a screen. The Amazon Echo Show and Echo Spot are explicitly mentioned in the announcement, but we’ll likely see images appear on Fire TV devices and Show Mode on Fire Tablets as well. An example use case given is asking “Alexa, who won best Actress at tonight’s Academy Awards” and seeing a photo of the actress from the red carpet of that specific event along with the answer.

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One comment
  1. Mike says:

    Well, that’s interesting I guess. I was really hoping they’d make the display more of a conversational occurrence rather than just another distraction. There’s not much that I like less than having my query for information getting sidetracked and leading me off to something else with a picture that someone else, or worse yet some algorithm has determined is somehow related.


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