Amazon now offers discounted ESPN+ subscriptions bundled with Fire TVs and Fire TV Sticks

Amazon is now offering ESPN+ subscriptions bundled with either a Fire TV or a Fire TV Stick. The Fire TV Bundle costs $74.98 and the Fire TV Stick Bundle costs $44.98. Both include 2 months of ESPN’s new stand-alone subscription service, called ESPN+. Since ESPN+ normally costs $4.99 per month, these bundles essentially give you your first 2 months for the price of 1. It’s not much of a discount, but its better than the 7-day free trial that ESPN+ currently offers to new subscribers. This bundle is similar to the MLB subscription bundle that was offered last month. The ESPN+ bundle will be available through July 8th.

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  1. Nehemoth says:

    Wondering if someone has tested ESPN+ outside USA.


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