Amazon now lets you publish your custom Alexa Skills to the Alexa Skill Store

Amazon introduced Alexa Blueprints last year as a way for anyone to create their own Alexa SKills, without any coding, right from a web browser. They later made it possible to share those custom skills with friends and family, but now they’ve announced that you can publish your custom skills to the Alexa Skill store for anyone to use.

From the Alexa Skill Blueprints site, you can now choose a custom skill you’ve created and select to publish it in a few simple steps. You’ll just need to enter an opening phrase for your skill, which is what people will say to their Alexa device to launch your skill, and enter some descriptive details for your skill. Amazon will still be reviewing custom skills, as they do for all Alexa Skills, before they’re made available in the Alexa Skill store.

In addition to making it possible to publish custom skills, Amazon has added several new Skill Blueprint templates aimed specifically at content creators. With these new blueprints, It’s now easier than ever for bloggers, podcasters, universities, and places of worship to make their content available through Alexa.

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