Amazon has a Fire TV Stick + 3 Month MLB.TV Subscription bundle for $99.99

Amazon is offering a bundle that includes a Fire TV Stick and a 3 Month Subscription to MLB.TV for $99.99. Buying the bundle saves you $15 over buying the Stick and subscription separately, so it’s not such a big discount that it would sway you to subscribe out of the blue. However, if you were thinking of subscribing anyway, it’s like getting the Fire TV Stick for $24.99, which is as low as it has ever been. The included MLB.TV subscription is for the more expensive All Team plan that costs $24.99 per month. That subscription allows you to stream every out-of-market game live or on-demand and provides several extras. You can watch the stream through the MLB At Bat app for Fire TV devices or several other ways.

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  1. Mark says:

    Still not worth it…

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