Amazon greenlights ‘The Widow’ TV series starring Kate Beckinsale

Amazon, along with ITV, has signed a straight to series deal for a new TV show called The Widow starring Kate Beckinsale. The original series stars Beckinsale as Georgia Wells, a woman who has abandoned her previous life but is pulled back after seeing her thought to be deceased husband on the news. Her search for the truth takes her “into the depths of the African Congo where danger and revelation will greet her at every turn.” The thriller is written and executive produced by Harry and Jack Williams, who are also behind the Amazon original series Fleabag.

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  1. Charlie says:

    As a Prime member I keep wanting to find constant content from Amazon I want to watch, but generally I go to Netflix and Hulu. I have no idea how Netflix has the budget for so much original content, but Amazon is in my opinion not even close and since much of the content costs money that is a disincentive. I’m sure people will disagree.

  2. AFTV Fan says:

    I’ll watch anything with Kate Beckinsale or Alicia Vikander.


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