Amazon Fire TV remote has an Accelerometer


While researching the different components of the Fire TV, we stumbled on an interesting fact; the Fire TV remote has an accelerometer. The Bosch Sensortec BMA150 chip in the Fire TV remote is a full fledged 3-axis accelerometer, much like the ones  found in smartphones and Wiimotes. There is no mention of this feature in any Amazon documentation, nor is it mention in their developer API specifications. This raises a lot of unanswered questions like, was the Fire TV remote initially intended to be used for motion gaming? Or,more importantly, will a future firmware update unlock the accelerometer and make it available to developers? After all, the Fire TV remote does have it’s own firmware version separate from the Fire TV itself.

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  1. Interesting theory, I would love the idea of motion gaming with this very slim remote. But without proper wristbands like the wii, I can see this ending very badly.

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