Amazon Fire TV on sale for $84 at Staples [Expired]


Not to be outdone, Staples has joined the party and is now also selling the Amazon Fire TV for $84 with free shipping. Amazon, last week, started the trend when they dropped the price of the Fire TV for the first time and Best Buy followed suite yesterday. I believe this is an online only price, but it may worth calling your local store to see what the in-store price is, especially because Staples currently has a printable coupon which takes 10% off any streaming device. The staples website seems to be acting a bit strange and showing a price of $90 at times. Clearing my browser cookies seems to work in getting the price to show up as $84, so you may need to do the same.

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One comment
  1. Joe says:

    Sale must be over because it’s back up to $99.00. Must have been a one day sale?

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