Amazon Fire TV currently on sale for $84 on Amazon [Expired]

The Amazon Fire TV has just gone one sale for $84 on Amazon. That’s $15 off the list price of $99 and equal to the cheapest the device has ever been. If you can’t wait until next year for your Fire TV Stick to ship, pick up its big brother while it’s cheap. Remember, the Voice Remote that comes with the Fire TV can be used on both devices.

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  1. BoomSchtick says:

    Same price at Staples.

  2. Billbored says:

    Same at Best Buy who has it in stock for local pickup. I’m hoping that the local store still has some in stock that will be rootable.

  3. castylx says:

    Going to pick a couple from best buy tonight. If you get one, can you post the firmware that it comes with, so the rest of us know where to go?


    • Billbored says:

      Just picked one up –

      Rooted and installing CWM as I type.

      From Mountain View CA store.



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