Amazon Fire TV 3 (2017) on sale for $59.50 at Target — First Sale Ever [Expired]

Target is offering a 15% discount site-wide for Cyber Monday. That means the Amazon Fire TV 3 is on sale for $59.50. This is the first time the all-new Fire TV has been available anywhere for less than its regular price of $69.99. If you have a Target REDcard, you’ll also receive an additional 5% off. Also on sale is the Fire TV Stick for $21.25. All discounts will appear in your cart once the item has been added to your cart.

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  1. Kmh65 says:

    So what’s the current verdict on this? I know it has less HP then the Firetv 2 & lacks an Ethernet port; The adapter solves the latter issue & I can live with the slight performance drop as HDR is a big selling point to me.

    Any other negatives I should be aware of? Thanks

  2. Stony T says:

    This has been a total PITA to try to order! Wowz! I dunno if anyone else is gonna have better luck trying to order it, but if so, plz enlighten us how u made it work, compared to the rest of us

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