Amazon Fire HD 8 tablet on sale for $64.99 — 2nd lowest price ever [Expired]

Amazon’s Fire HD 8 tablet has just gone on sale for $64.99. This is nearly a “Great” price on my Amazon Hardware Buyer’s Guide because it has only been lower than this price once, which was this was this past Black Friday when it was $5 less. This is the newest tablet in Amazon’s lineup, but it will likely be replaced in the next about two months.

Just because a new model is on the horizon, that doesn’t necessarily make this a bad purchase. Amazon has been on a trend of lowering device specs in order to offer more aggressive pricing, so the future Fire HD 8 is not necessarily going to be better than the current model in every way. The 32GB Fire HD 8 is also on sale at $94.99 and the 16GB Fire 7″ tablet is down to $59.99 right now.

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