Amazon Echo Spot and Echo Show now display a keypad to navigate menu prompts during phone calls

When Amazon added the ability to make phone calls using Echo devices, one issue was that you couldn’t really use the feature to call a phone number that had a navigation menu because there was no way to enter keypad presses with your voice or otherwise. Amazon has now addressed the shortcoming on Alexa devices with a screen, like the Echo Spot and Echo Show, by providing the option to bring up a keypad on the touchscreen. There’s still no way to ask Alexa to submit a key press using your voice, so the limitation remains present on the Echo, Echo Dot, and Echo Plus, but this update to the Echo Spot and Echo Show at least indicates that Amazon is aware of the issue, so we may get keypad input by voice in the future.


  1. Jim Carter says:

    Works great on the Echo Show! Definitely a much needed feature. Usually; if a keypad is needed, that also means long hold times. The Show is a much preferred speaker to my smartphone.

  2. Big John says:

    I use the app ToneDef on my Android phone to create DTMF tones when making calls on my Dot. The app can also simulate Blue Box and Red Box tones, which are cool flashbacks to the old phone phreaking days.

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