Amazon Echo Show Review by Lon Seidman — featuring a quick cameo appearance by me

For feature rich products like the Amazon Echo Show, I typically don’t write a single review article. Instead, I like to go in-depth on individual aspects and features in dedicated posts, which I plan to do with several of the Echo Show features soon. For those of you who want a good overall review of the product, I highly recommend checking out Lon Seidman’s Video Review of the Echo Show. He has a great YouTube channel, that I suggest you all subscribe to, where he reviews electronics on a daily basis. Lon invited me to help demonstrate the Echo Show’s video calling capabilities, so look for my big cameo about 4 minutes into the review.

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  1. Kevin W says:

    Looking good.

  2. Here’s my review: Love it! I got a pair of these yesterday and set both up today. The touchscreen makes setup a breeze. The speaker sounds great. Mics work fine. Lots of potential in this box.

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