Amazon Echo Show 2-Pack on sale for $339.98 — New Lowest Price Ever

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Amazon’s Black Friday Sale has begun and one of the first deals available is an Amazon Echo Show 2-Pack for $339.98. This is the new lowest price that the 2nd-generation Echo Show has ever been. The all-new Echo Show will be $179.99 each on November 22nd, but if you’re in the market for 2 devices, this deal saves you an additional $20, making each Echo Show only $169.99. Just add any combination of two Black or White colored Echo Shows to your cart and the $120 savings will appear at checkout.

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One comment
  1. Vedran says:

    I apologize in advance for asking here, but does anyone know if Echo Show or Show 2 can play radio stations directly by touching the screen?
    I wanted to get one for my mom but the station names are too obscure and english is not her first language.
    I couldn’t find anywhere if there is an option to select TuneIn and then station.

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