Amazon Echo Dot + TP-Link Smart Plug bundle is back at $34.99 [Expired]

The Echo Dot + TP-Link Smart Plug bundle is back on sale for $34.99. That’s the same price that it was available during Black Friday, which was among the most popular deals during the big sale. This deal is available because the Echo Dot itself is still on sale for $29.99 and Amazon’s promotion that lets you add a TP-Link Smart Plug, which is normally $29.99 on its own, to any Echo purchase for $5 has been brought back. The bundle linked above is for the Black Echo Dot, but a bundle with the White Echo Dot is also available for the same price. The included smart plug does not require a hub to function, so you can immediately control it by voice using the Echo Dot or any other Alexa device.

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