Amazon Echo Dot 2nd-Gen is once again on sale for $19.99

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Amazon has once again put the 2nd-Gen Echo Dot on sale for $19.99. This matches their price during Black Friday, so if you missed out on that sale or wished you ordered more units, here’s a second chance. I still think spending an extra $10 to get the 3rd-Gen Echo Dot for $29.99 is a better buy because it has a much better sounding speaker. That said, the older Echo Dot does have a few advantages, such as having a smaller footprint and being able to be powered via a USB port. The two models are functionally the same, so if you just want to extend access to Alexa for smart home control and basic tasks, the 2nd-Gen Echo Dot might be a better fit for you. Also, for an extra $10 you can get the Echo Dot + Smart Plug bundle for $29.99.

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