Amazon Echo and Echo Dot can now connect to mobile Wi-Fi hotspots


The Amazon Echo or Echo Dot have been unable to connect directly to mobile Wi-Fi hotspots unless a second device was available to facilitate the connection. This is because, to connect an Echo or Echo Dot to a Wi-Fi network, you must transfer those network settings to the Echo or Echo Dot via a temporary Wi-Fi connection. If all you have is a phone that is itself the source of the Wi-Fi network/hotspot you want the Echo or Echo Dot to connect to, then you can’t both connect to the Echo or Echo Dot’s temporary Wi-Fi connection while also keeping the hotspot connection active. This is why, up until now, you’ve needed a second device to configure the Echo or Echo Dot’s Wi-Fi settings while the phone is emitting a Wi-Fi hotspot. A new Echo and Echo Dot software update, version 3389, has resolved this limitation and now allows the Echo and Echo Dot to connect to a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot.


7/11/2016 The instructions for connecting to a hotspot have just went live. When setting up an Echo or Echo Dot, there is now an option to “Use this device as a Wi-Fi hotspot” in the Alexa app where you manually enter the network ID and password.


  1. cdlenfert says:

    I’m curious to know how it works.

  2. ClamSlam says:

    Man this could be sweet if you wanted to incorporate somehow into your car. You could just use phone mobile hotspot or in-car wifi as well

  3. Ujn Hunter says:

    If I could find an unlocked Android phone that allows tethering/wifi hotspot access… I’d be all over an Echo Dot for the car.

  4. Jeff says:

    Don’t both using the hotspot – contrary to the claims, the Echo Dot (in my case) does NOT reconnect to the hotspot automatically. Also, it fails to connect time after time – on initial set up, it took 15 attempts for it to finally connect to the hotspot. Once lost…had to start all over.

    Not ready for prime time.

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