Amazon Echo and Echo Dot bundle on sale for $104.98 — Lowest Price Ever

Amazon has nearly all of their Echo device son sale this week for their Mother’s Day sale. If you’re in the market for both an Amazon Echo and an Echo Dot, you can’t beat the current deal on the two bundled together for $104.99. This is the lowest price that the pair have ever been. On its own, the lowest price the Amazon Echo has ever been is $79.99 and the lowest price the Echo Dot has ever been is $29.99. Together, that comes to $109.98, so the current sale price of the bundle saves you an additional $5 off of the lowest price the two have been individual. The bundle is available in any combination of colors that the Echo and Echo Dot come in. This sale price is expected to end at the end this weekend. Other good bundled deals include the Echo Dot + Ecobee4 Thermostat for $239, which is a savings of $60 and the Echo Dot + Philips Hue Kit for $83.99, which saves you $36.

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