Amazon Echo and Echo Dot available in white


When Amazon announced the Echo and Echo Dot are coming to the UK and Germany, they also revealed both devices are now also available in white in addition to black. The white models are identical to their black counterparts, apart from the color of course. The white Echo is available for pre-order in the US now and will arrive on September 28th. The 2nd-generation white Echo Dot is also available for pre-order now for $49.99 and will ship October 20th.

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  1. Is there anything new other than it being available in white and in the UK?

  2. Christopher Loughrey says:

    I am indeed surprised they haven’t introduced a 2nd gen Echo along with the Dot as it’s been over a year out now. I’d like to see a 2nd gen with a built-in battery as back-up in case the power died. I’d hate to rely on Echo for my alarm and not have her wake me up for work because the power in my house happens to be down that day.

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