Amazon Dash Buttons are on sale for $2.49 with a $4.99 credit on first use [Expired]

Amazon is selling over 300 Dash Buttons for $2.49 each for Black Friday. That’s half off their regular price and you will still receive the full $4.99 credit the first time you use each button you order, for an overall net profit on the purchase. Additionally, these 14 Dash Buttons will earn you 20% cash back when you use an Amazon Visa or Amazon Store Card. Dash Buttons are configured using a mobile phone to purchase a specific item when they’re pressed. There’s no risk of you or someone else accidentally ordering multiple items because the buttons will not place a new order until a prior order has been delivered. You also receive a notification on your phone when a button is pressed, allowing you to cancel the order if it was not intended. These buttons are only available for Prime members.

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