Amazon Coins are on sale at 35% OFF their regular price

Amazon is currently taking 35% off when you buy 10,000 Amazon Coins. That brings the normally $100 worth of coins down to just $65. This is one of the best deals on Amazon Coins that I’ve seen in a while. Amazon Coins can be used in the Amazon Appstore to buy apps or games, and can also be used within apps to make in-app purchases. If you spend any money at all on apps, it’s silly not to first purchase Amazon Coins because they give you a much bigger bang for your buck. This promotion ends on December 29th.


  1. Joe says:

    Better prospects than bitcoin?

  2. Mr_Missile says:

    “Something went wrong.
    You are not eligible to claim this discount code. You can still buy Amazon Coins for the regular price.”

    *Offer available to new Amazon Appstore customers only.*

    Bummer for existing users…

  3. FirstWorldProblems says:

    Next stop: paying Amazon employees with Amazon money only redeemable in the Amazon store.

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