Amazon Black Friday Deals that include an Echo Dot — Get a Fire TV Stick 4K w/ Echo Dot for $60

The Amazon Black Friday Deal on a 3-pack of Echo Dots for $70 has already ended but there are several ways to get a cheap or free Echo Dot when purchased in a bundle. Among the best is the Fire TV Stick 4K w/ Echo Dot 3 for $59.98. Here are the best Echo Dot bundle deals that are already live for Black Friday.

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  1. BillyBayou says:

    If previously announced deals happen, the Fire TV Stick 4K should be $34.99 tomorrow (18th) and the Echo Dot $24.00 (22nd) and we save $.99 over this bundle. Also, this bundle apparently does not offer the choice of color for the Dot. And I am hoping to pick up an Amazon Smart Plug for $5. with the purchase of a Dot on the 22nd.

  2. Al says:

    I have the same question as Billy

  3. Al Ventnor says:

    Will the sale for the Echo gen 3 and Fire TV Stick 4still be available on the 22nd so that I can purchase an Amazon Smart plug for $5.00. Do all 3 have to be on the same purchase to take advantage of the Smart Plug?

    • BillyBayou says:

      Don’t think Amazon would consider a Fire Stick to be an Echo device, but I’m assuming that a Dot is. If you want all three, I’d plan on buying a Stick on the 18th and a Dot (with the $5. smart plug) on the 22nd.

  4. Bill says:

    Would Amazon consider a Fire HD 7 an Echo device to get the $5 Smart Plug deal?

  5. Al Ventnor says:

    Thanks Billy! I did mean Dot and not Echo. We both want the same deal! Hope it all works.

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