Amazon Alexa and Echo devices are now available in India

Amazon is continuing their expansion of Alexa and Echo devices to new countries. They announced a couple of days ago that Alexa and Echos were coming to Japan later this year and now have announced that they’re also being made available in India. The Echo devices are available by invite only starting today at an introductory price with a free year of Prime membership included.

The Amazon Echo Dot will be sold for ₹4,499 (about $70), the new 2nd generation Echo will be sold for ₹9,999 (about $150), and the new Echo Plus will be sold for ₹14,999 (about $230) in India.

All three Echo models in India are available by invite only, much like Amazon has done with every time they’ve brought Alexa to a new country. However, unlike most other Echo announcements in new countries, Amazon is taking 30% off all Echo devices in India for a limited time. They are also including a 1 year Prime membership with any purchase.

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  1. oppman29 says:

    cant wait for alexa to speak spanish… i mean indian sounds complicated…

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