Alexa to begin rolling out to Amazon Fire tablets this week


When Amazon revealed the new Fire HD 8 tablet last month, they announced that it and other Fire tablets would soon have access to Alexa. It looks like soon has turned into now, because Alexa will begin rolling out to Fire tablets this week via a software update. It’s not entirely clear which specific tablets will be getting the voice assistant, but it’s for sure coming to Amazon’s current lineup of tablets, which includes the Fire 7″ tablet, the new Fire HD 8, and the Fire HD 10.

Alexa on tablets will work by pressing and holding the home button. In addition to Alexa’s standard capabilities, Amazon says all 3,000+ Alexa Skills will also work with Alexa on Fire tablets. Similar to on the Fire TV, Alexa on Fire tablets will display visual cards with additional information about your request. Echo and Echo Dot owners with Fire tablets will also see improvements to the visual cards that are displayed on Fire tablets when a request is made through an Echo device.

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  1. ClamSlam says:

    This is cool. I like how amazon rolls out new features to all its existing devices instead of forcing you to buy new products. This will be nice to control lights and for kids to play around with on their cheaper tablets.

  2. Grinder says:

    Anyone got it working on their UK Fire TV?

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