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AFTVnews is the leading online destination for news and commentary about the Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick, a series of digital media players developed by Amazon.com. It covers Fire TV topics which include exclusive and breaking news, easy to follow how-to guides, accessory and app deals, as well as general Amazon and digital media news.

The site was launched in May of 2014 by software engineer Elias Saba as firetvnews.com. After a legal claim by Amazon, the name was changed to AFTVnews in July of 2014. As an early adopter and fan of the Amazon Fire TV, Saba started the site in order to organize the wealth of information about the Fire TV coming from various community forums. Propelled early on by the popularity of its constantly updated collection of guides, AFTVnews quickly became the definitive online source for anything and everything Fire TV related.

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About Elias Saba

Hi, I’m Elias. I started and run AFTVnews on my own, which is why it was totally weird to write some of the above paragraphs in the third person. I spent 7 years as a software engineer in the Los Angeles area, where I still live. When I was laid off in late 2013, I decided to focus on launching my own venture instead of immediately looking for another “9 to 5” job. My wife and I were planning to start a family soon, so working for myself would give me the flexibility to spend more time with her and our future child. In the midst of developing various ideas, I bought an Amazon Fire TV and liked it enough to start AFTVnews (then called firetvnews) which has been growing in popularity and viewership ever since. Almost exactly 1 year after writing my first post, my wife and I welcomed our son into the world, and I’m lucky enough to spend most of my time with him, as I write about things that interest me, for a great community of passionate enthusiasts. You can follow me on Twitter at @Elias to keep tabs on what I’m up to outside of AFTVnews.


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