43″ Toshiba Fire TV Edition television drops by another $50 — Now on sale for $249.99

When Prime Day kicked off, the main deal for the 2nd-gen 2018 Toshiba Fire TV Edition televisions was the 50-inch size for $289.99. At $110 off the regular price, it was the deal to get since the other two sizes only dropped by $30. Now, Amazon has just reduced the 43-inch size by another $50, making the 43-inch Toshiba Fire TV Edition television on sale for $249.99. At $80 off the regular price of $329.99, this is the new lowest price the 43-inch size has ever been. It’s lower than even the 1st-gen 2017 Element Fire TV Edition televisions ever reached. The 55-inch size is still $449.99, which is just $30 off the regular price. During last year’s Prime Day, Amazon hardly reduced the price of the largest 1st-gen Fire TV Edition television, so they may be doing that again and focusing sales on the smaller sizes.

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  1. Masterblaster says:

    Now the 55″ needs a major price cut!

  2. Charlie says:

    Thank you Elias for all the hard work keeping us informed. You said yesterday the 50 inch TV I bought might go down again before it’s all over. Good to know you will send out an alert if it does. Even though mine has shipped I might still be able to argue for an adjustment.

    • AFTVnews says:

      You bet. I’ll be checking on these all day and will definitely post an article if any of the prices drop.

    • Jeff says:

      How do I do that exactly? I was all happy yesterday but now I just feel sick. Way to fail Amazon, I am just left with an unpleasant taste.

      • Jeff says:

        So I realized that the 50 inch didn’t go down it was just they offered the 43 inch for less and the 50 inch vanished which was confusing. However I am noticing other items I bought are now cheaper. So all in all Amazon Prime Day is over hyped BS and I won’t be back next year.

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