3 pack of Fire HD 8 Tablets on sale for $129.97 — $20 less than if purchased separately [Expired]

A 3 pack of Fire HD 8 tablets has just gone on sale for $129.97. By purchasing the 3 pack, you’ll save an extra $20 compared to buying them individually at the $49.99 sale price. It’s a pretty crummy move by Amazon to only now put the 3 pack on sale, after many of you interested in multiple Fire HD 8 tablets have probably already made separate purchases. If you’ve already purchased a Fire HD 8 tablet but would have rather purchased this discounted 3 pack, you can try to cancel your original order. There’s also a 3 pack of Fire 7 tablets, but that has not gone on sale…yet. I suspect it too will drop in price later today, probably to $79.97 like it was during Prime Day, so keep an eye out for that if you’re interested. I’ll, of course, post about it if it does go on sale.

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