Top Fire TV Keyboard, White Logitech K400, $19.99 at Amazon

Amazon is currently offering the White Logitech K400 Keyboard with Touchpad on sale for $19.99 today only. This is the first time the white version of this keyboard has been priced this low. This keyboard is touted by many, including myself, as the best Fire TV keyboard. It works perfectly on the Fire TV, including the touchpad. The keyboard is wireless and comes with a tiny USB receiver that plugs into the Fire TV’s USB port. It also works fine plugged into a USB hub if you’re using the Fire TV’s USB port for other uses. The Fire TV also has no trouble recognizing the keyboard during boot, so you can use it to get into recovery if needed.

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New Apps for the Week of February 22nd thru the 28th

Just like on every Sunday, here is the list of new apps and games released last week for the Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick. It was a big week with 66 new apps released, including a very popular game and some great new video apps. Read more ›

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How to enable Wallpapers in Alternate Launchers on the Amazon Fire TV

Some of you choose to use an alternate Android launcher on your Amazon Fire TV instead of the default homescreen. This can be a beneficial decision if you’re one who often uses a variety of sideloaded apps. One thing that had always been missing from alternate launchers on the Fire TV was the ability to change the launcher’s wallpaper. Today that changes, because XDA Forum member schybiorz has figured out a way to enable wallpapers and forum member superkoal has packaged the modification into a simple to install Xposed module. The module enables both static and live wallpapers, as well as widgets. Read more ›

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How to install and setup Xposed Framework on the Amazon Fire TV

The Xposed framework is a platform which allows for the installation of modules which change the behavior of the Amazon Fire TV. By itself, the Xposed framework does not do anything. The modules installed once the framework is setup are the ones that can modify the behavior of the Fire TV. Installation of Xposed requires that your Fire TV is rooted. This guide will walk you through the simple steps of installing and setting up Xposed. Future guides will discuss the installation of modules and what can be done with Xposed. Read more ›

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Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic comes to the Amazon Fire TV

The critically acclaimed game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic has made its way to the Amazon Fire TV. This game was first released on the original Xbox and has won numerous awards. It was ported to iOS and Android where it has become a fan favorite once again, garnering a 4.5 out of 5 star rating on both platforms from thousands of reviews. Now, 2 months after making its Android debut, the game has been released for the Fire TV. Extra care has been placed to ensure the game detects the Fire TVs game controller and “adjusts the on-screen prompts to be intuitive for controller input instead of touch.” Rest assured that this is not a slimmed down mobile version of the game. It is the full original game, so expect it to be a slow download and require 2GB to 3GB of storage space.

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Samba TV brings Popular Science, TMZ, iFood, and more to the Amazon Fire TV

Samba TV, the smart TV publishing company started by early employees of BitTorrent, has just released 5 new video apps for the Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick. Most notably is Hotlist, a video hub app which offers “all the best internet videos” from over 80 different sources like CNET, Lifetime, College Humor, Break, Engadget, and Fora just to name a few. Individual apps for Popular Science,, and TMZ have also been released. Lastly, there’s Video Detective which streams movie, TV, and video game trailers, in addition to music videos.

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App Deal: Prince of Persia – The Shadow and the Flame down from $2.99 to $0.69 w/coins

Prince of Persia: The Shadow and the Flame, an action platforming game, has gone on sale for $0.69 when factoring in the Amazon coin reward. The regularly $2.99 game has dropped to $0.99 with a 30 coin reward. Apart from the one day this game was offered for free, this is the cheapest price this game has ever been. The game features 14 3D levels and epic console caliber gameplay. The game is only compatible with the Fire TV and requires a game controller to play.

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App Deal: Rayman Fiesta Run game down from $2.99 to $0.99


Rayman Fiesta Run, a highly rated platforming game, has just gone on sale for $0.99. This isn’t the cheapest this game has been, but is still a great price for one of the more popular games for the Fire TV. The game has a 4.5 star rating with over 200 reviews. It includes over 75 levels to play and is compatible with both the Game controller and the remote.

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App Deal: Monster Puzzle down from $0.99 to FREE

Monster Puzzle, a simple children’s puzzle game, has just gone Free! This game was just released last week and is being offered free for the first time. The game is compatible with both the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick and works with either a remote or game controller.

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Roomie Universal Remote app adds Fire TV & Fire TV Stick Support

Roomie Remote is an iOS only universal remote app that uses your network to control your home theater and home automation devices. The app sports an impressive list of supported devices. The latest update to the app has added the Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick to that list. Roomie will auto-discover Fire TV devices and control them over your network. The app even supports keyboard input via its own on-screen keyboard.

The number of alternate ways to control your Fire TV continues to grow. Roomie is now one of several apps capable of controlling the Fire TV via a smartphone or tablet. Last month we saw high end home automation systems gain Fire TV support via a set of pricey drivers. And if you prefer a good old fashioned physical remote, there’s always Logitech’s Harmony line of universal smart remotes.

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