Amazon Fire TV cannot be Rooted with New Software Update


A new software update for the Amazon Fire TV just started rolling out to devices a few hours ago. This latest update carries version number I have manually installed this version on one of my Fire TV’s and can confirm that all three versions of towelroot (v1, v2, and v3) CANNOT ROOT the Fire TV running this latest software version.

As of now, if you have a rooted Fire TV and you want to keep root, you should keep your update blocks in place and not update to this latest version. This latest update is being served from the same domain as previous updates, so all current methods to block updates should block this latest version. The newest rootable Fire TV software update is still version For new Fire TV’s you want to root, be sure to follow my guide on setting up a new Fire TV in order to avoid this latest unrootable update.

I’ll have a post up tomorrow morning detailing all the changes this new update brings to the Fire TV.

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App Deal: Polar Bowler 1st Frame game is down from $0.99 to FREE


Polar Bowler 1st Frame, a highly reviewed bowling game, is currently Free for the day. The game is usually $0.99 but is todays Free App of the Day. It has a 4 star rating with over 160 reviews and is compatible with both the game controller and Fire TV voice remote. Head on over to Amazon and grab this deal before it’s gone at the end of the day.

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New Apps for the Week of September 7th thru the 13th

Every Sunday we bring you the list of new apps and games released in the previous week for the Amazon Fire TV. Last week there were 23 new apps and games released. Read more ›

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Spotify now available on the Amazon Fire TV


After 2 months of teasing, Spotify is now officially available on the Amazon Fire TV. The app, released moments ago, is more of a Spotify receiver then a full fledged app. It relies on a smartphone or tablet to serve as a remote to control the Fire TV app. By itself, the Fire TV app is unusable. Using a smartphone or tablet, you select the song or playlist you wish to play and change the source to be the Fire TV. Spotify’s premium subscription service is required for the Fire TV app to function. Once a song is playing on the Fire TV Spotify app, the album art is displayed along with a trackbar showing the current position of the playing song. Using the Fire TV remote, you can pause/play the music, or skip to the next or previous song in the current playlist.

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App Deal: Dog Puzzle childrens game has dropped from $0.99 to FREE


Dog Puzzle, a simple puzzle game for young children, has just gone Free. The game was released a few days ago for $0.99. It includes 15 different puzzles with the ability to unlock 15 more with an in-app purchase, and works with both the Fire TV voice remote and game controller.

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Award winning game Leo’s Fortune comes to the Amazon Fire TV


In a world full of great free-to-play games and $0.99 apps, many will scoff at the arrival of a new $4.99 game. I, however, get most excited when new apps shoot-for-the-stars and try to become deserving members of the elite $4.99+ club. The just released game, Leo’s Fortune, is definitely one of those deserving members.

Leo’s Fortune was released to the Google Play Store and Apple App Store 2 months ago and holds a rating of 4.7 and 5.0 out of 5 stars in each store respectively. The Apple Design Award winning game features 24 platforming levels to beat. While the levels themselves are not terribly difficult to pass, the real challenge comes from trying to collect all 3 stars from each level: one for clearing it in a record time, another if you don’t lose a life, and a third for collecting every piece of gold.

I have no doubt Leo’s Fortune will quickly become one of the highest rated apps on the Fire TV. It’s wonderful to see a high caliber game such as this come to the Fire TV.

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App Deal: Deus Ex – The Fall has dropped from $6.99 to $3.49


Deus Ex: The Fall, a visually stunning FPS game, has just gone on sale for $3.49. That’s 50% off it regular price of $6.99. The price may not be as good as a month ago when it dropped to the unbelievable price of $0.99, but it’s still a great price for a great game.

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Amazon Fire TV sold out in Germany until 2015


Last week, Amazon announced the availability of the Fire TV in Germany and the UK. They began accepting pre-orders immediately and offered a great promotion that cut the Fire TV price in half for German residents. It looks like they greatly underestimated demand for the Fire TV in Germany because Amazon has sold out of its first batch of units and is now listing a ship date of January 1st 2015.

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New Apps for the Week of August 31st thru September 6th

Every Sunday we bring you the list of new apps and games released in the previous week for the Amazon Fire TV. With the announcement of the Fire TV coming to the UK and Germany, this has been a huge week in terms of new app releases. There were 26 new apps and games released but, unfortunately, many are geographically restricted to the UK and German residents.  Read more ›

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App Deal: Weather Friend app has dropped from $1.99 to Free


Weather Friend, a clean and simple weather app for the Fire TV, is currently FREE. The app is normally $1.99, but dropped to $0.99 yesterday and is now Free. If you missed picking this app up for when it was free last month, here’s your second chance.

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