Lovely Planet for the Fire TV isn’t your average first-person shooter

Lovely Planet, released today for the Fire TV, is an authentic first-person shooter that translates the old formula of gore and death into a version of its own. The game throws you into a fast-paced pastel world where you bounce, jump, float, and shoot your way through each of its one hundred levels as fast as you can. The key to mastering Lovely Planet is repetition. It expects things of you that initially seem impossible until you learn the patterns of a particular level and, before you know it, are completing the level with ease. Lovely Planet is a refreshing change of pace from the numerous military realism shooters currently in the appstore.

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HBO Now may be less expensive when it arrives on the Fire TV and other devices

When Apple’s exclusivity agreement for HBO Now comes to an end in July, we can expect the service to quickly make its way to additional platforms like the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick. When that time comes, there may be additional pricing options to choose from, other than the current rate of $14.99 per month. HBO has been sending emails to customers opting to cancel their HBO Now subscription with surveys which hint that the company is considering offering discounts to those willing to pre-pay for the new service. The survey lists a three-month price of $29.99, a six-month price of $59.99, and a one-year price of $99.99. That one-year price would bring the service down to $8.34 a month, which is a considerable discount of over 44% off the current monthly price. Read more ›

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App Deal: Weather Friend down from $0.99 to FREE

Weather Friend, a clean and simple weather app for the Fire TV, has gone free for a limited time. This app has been free several times, but if you haven’t picked it up yet, here’s another chance. It features current, 10 hour, and 6 day forecasts. It also provides local radar maps. It’s compatible with both the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick and works with either the remote or controller.

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How to repeat a video forever on the Fire TV or Fire TV Stick with Kodi

The question of how to repeat a video file forever on the Fire TV or Fire TV Stick seems to come up fairly frequently. While the default video player is incapable of doing this, the ever mighty Kodi app can perform this task with ease. Read on for a step by step guide. Read more ›

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Unfinished app “Favorites” section found in latest Fire TV update


The latest Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick software updates are officially designated as bug fixes, but they contain reminents of a new feature likely to arrive in the near future. While decompiling and examining the new software update, I came across code that indicates the Fire TV’s Apps and Games sections will soon be getting a “Favorites” section, similar to the one added to the Fire TV’s Photos section in the previous software update. This would be a very welcomed addition to Fire TV devices, especially for those of us with huge cloud app libraries due to the numerous free app deals that appear regularly. The “Your Apps Library” section of the Fire TV is an ever growing list of all apps associated with one’s Amazon account. Whenever an app is used it gets moved to the front of this list, but it makes it difficult to uncover unused or forgotten apps. Being able to designate apps as favorites, filed in their own section, would allow users to keep important, but infrequently used apps readily accessible.

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Amazon Fire TV Stick on sale for 29€ in Germany

Amazon’s German website isn’t going to let the UK have all the fun. It too has now reduced the price of the Fire TV Stick, dropping it from 39€ to 29€. The UK sale is still active, but both price drops are very likely temporary. The big question is will the US also be dropping the Fire TV Stick’s price soon. In the past, Fire TV sales in the US have not mirrored sales overseas or vice versa. That said, the Fire TV Stick has been out for 6 months now in the US and has never gone on sale, so it seems due for a temporary discount.

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Only bug fixes with latest Fire TV & Fire TV Stick software updates

Earlier this week, Amazon Fire TVs began receiving software update and Fire TV Sticks began receiving software update Neither update has added new features to either device. Amazon has officially labeled these updates as bug fixes. As usually, there’s no word on which bugs have been fixed. Comparing the current software package to the previous one reveals that the Fire TV’s appstore, Bluetooth component, and input device backend have been modified with this latest update. Additionally, as with most updates, several system framework components have been updated. Be sure to let us know if you’ve noticed any specific resolved issues.

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The Cord Cutting Show Episode 6: Streaming hotels, CBS on Chromecast, Forge TV, and more

After not being able to make it onto last weeks episode, I met back up with Luke from CordCuttersNews and Ryan from TheStreamingAdvisor to record episode 6 of The Cord Cutting Show podcast. Unfortunately, a misshapp caused us to lose about 15 minutes of recording midway through the episode, so you’ll notice the topic changes abruptly at one point. In this episode, we discuss streaming media being offered in select hotels, CBS coming to Chromecast, the new Razor Forge TV, and the Fire TV reaching 1,500 apps.

As always, you can subscribe to the podcast via iTunes, subscribe via the RSS feed, or just download the MP3 directly.

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Amazon removes developer’s 57 spammy games from Fire TV appstore

Last week, a game developer by the name of “Flying Leaf Arcade” flooded the Fire TV appstore with 57 new games. I mentioned in my weekly post about new apps that these games were all essentially the same crummy game with slight variations. In the games, you moved a character up and down the left side of the screen to avoid obstacles coming from the right. Instead of allowing you to change the character you move in the game or change the enemy you avoided, the developer released a different app for each different character and each different enemy. For example, one game was titled Forest Jump Shooter Dragon versus Turtle while another game was titled Forest Jump Shooter Dragon versus Pegasus. It was a bit surprising the games made it past Amazon’s review process, but thankfully Amazon took notice after the fact and has now removed all the games from the Fire TV appstore. I don’t think Amazon should approve or reject apps based on a quality metric, but I feel they made the right move here due to the spammy nature of the removed games.

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HBO and Showtime apps on Fire TV devices now work for Comcast Xfinity customers

When HBO Go arrived on the Fire TV last december, the celebration for Comcast customers was short lived when they quickly learned that Comcast was not included in the approved list of cable service providers that granted access to the app. Amazon immediatly began negotiating with Comcast to allow Fire TV customers access, and now those talks have paid off. Comcast Xfinity customers who pay for HBO or Showtime can now activate the HBO Go or Showtime Anywhere apps on the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick. With HBO Now, the stand-alone service that doesn’t require a cable subscription, just around the corner, it feels like this gesture from Comcast comes too little too late.


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