App Deal: Riptide GP2 down from $1.99 to FREE

Riptide GP2, one of the highest rated games for the Fire TV, is Free for today only. The game has been free once before in September, but is regularly $1.99. This is one of the more graphically intense games available for the Fire TV, which is why it’s not compatible with the Fire TV Stick. It works with both the game controller and remote, so head on over to Amazon and grab it before the sale ends. This deal is part of a promotion run by Verizon in conjunction with Amazon called Connection Day which includes a bunch of app and music freebies.

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App Deal: Sonic The Hedgehog 2 down form $2.99 to FREE


Sonic The Hedgehog 2, the classic Sega game, is Free for today only. Sonic games are no strangers to being free in the past, but if you haven’t picked up this great game yet, here’s your chance. The game works on both the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick, but does require a game controller. This deal is part of a promotion run by Verizon in conjunction with Amazon called Connection Day which includes a bunch of app and music freebies.

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Overview of Fire TV Stick Software Update

In conjunction with the release of the Fire TV Stick, Amazon simultaneously released the devices first update, taking the device from version to version If you’re blocking updates to maximize future rooting possibilities and wanted to know what you’re missing out on, or if you’re just curious what Amazon left out of the release units, then read on for an overview of what the Fire TV Stick’s first update adds. Read more ›

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Fire TV Stick will not accept a USB Keyboard or Mouse

Now that we know the Fire TV Stick’s USB port is not just for power, I tried every way I could think of to get a USB keyboard or mouse to work with the device. You can see a sample of my test setup above with some of the OTG and non-OTG cables I tried without any success. I tried both with and without a powered USB hub with every cable and configuration. There was never a sign that the Fire TV Stick recognized a connected peripheral. This leads me to believe the Fre TV Stick kernel or OS is deliberately set to remain in USB slave mode and not enter USB host mode. For anyone interested, here are the cables/adapters I tired: included micro USB cable, OTG cable w/ power, Femnale / Male adapter, Sanoxy OTG Cable, StarTech OTG Cable, Generic OTG Cable, and various non-OTG cables I had.

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Amazon Fire TV Stick Teardown

The guys over at GTVHacker have popped open a Fire TV Stick and posted a series of teardown photos. They note that the Fire TV Stick contains no screws and is instead held together by a series of plastic clips along the edges. When tweeting about the teardown, GTVHacker included the hastag #FireTVStickRootIncoming. However, careful not to get your hopes up for several reasons. First, the GTVHacker guys tend to focus on rooting via hardware manipulation which involves taking the device apart and soldering leads to the memory chip. It’s not exactly an easy process. Second, the GTVHacker guys claimed to root the Fire TV via a similar hardware method, yet a group of guys over at XDA have been trying to replicate their method for 2 months with no luck. I, as much as anyone, hope they’ve actually succeeded in rooting the Fire TV Stick in any way possible, but I expect most people will not be able to replicate their process.

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App Deal: BattleZone Mars down from $1.99 to FREE

BattleZone Mars, a first person shooter, has just gone free. The game is regularly priced at $1.99, but has been free a couple times in the past, so it may already be part of your app library. The game features 3D environments, 12 weapon types, and 10 types of monsters.

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Fire TV Stick USB Port Not “For Power Only” — ADB over USB Confirmed

Amazon has stated the USB port on the Fire TV Stick is “for power only”. That’s not entirely accurate. I’ve discovered that connecting to the Fire TV Stick via ADB using a USB cable is possible and fully functional. Simply plug the Fire TV Stick’s USB “power” cable into a Mac or Linux computer, open a terminal window, run the command adb start-server, and then run the command adb devices to see that the Fire TV Stick is detected as a connected device. I was able to sideload apps and navigate the file system as you would expect with any ADB connected device. Read more ›

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FLIRC on sale for $14.95 — Adds IR Remote Functionality to Fire TV


FLIRC, a small device that adds IR remote support and functionality to the Fire TV, is currently on sale for just $14.95. That is the cheapest price this device has ever been. FLIRC is quite elegant in its simplicity. It allows you to use any IR remote control you own to control your Fire TV. You plug it into a PC or Mac and select Fire TV on its simple configuration interface. You then set a button on your remote to perform each Fire TV remote action. Then just plug FLIRC into the FIre TV’s USB port, and your IR remote will be able to control your Fire TV. You’ll want to pick up a USB extension cable if you don’t already have one since the Fire TV’s USB port is in the back and FLIRC will need to be pointed towards the front.

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App Deal: Plex down from $4.99 to $2.49

Plex, the most popular media player on Fire TV, has just gone on sale for $2.49. While the app normally sells for $4.99, this isn’t one of the better sale prices for Plex. The app has been free several times and is usually closer to $0.99 when it’s on sale. That said, if you haven’t been around to get in on those better deals, Plex is still well worth the current price. Next to XBMC/Kodi, it’s the most powerful and feature rich media player for the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick. It’s one of the simplest ways to get your media from your PC to your Fire TV.

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App Deal: Muffin Knight down from $0.99 to FREE

Muffin Knight, a side scrolling adventure game, is currently Free for a limited time. This game is regularly $0.99 and features 15 different characters, each with unique attack moves, to play as. It has cross platform head-to-head multiplayer and is drawn in beautiful 2.5D graphics.

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