Amazon Fire Phone $125 w/ 1 Year of Prime on eBay


If you missed out on Amazon’s fire sale of their last remaining stock of Fire Phones for $130, but still wanted to get your hands on one, then you’re in luck. You can currently buy the phone on eBay for $125 and it still comes with 1 year of Prime. That’s less than Amazon’s price and makes the phone essentially $26 when you factor in the $99 Prime value. Fire Phones have been sold on eBay with the Prime perk before and people have had no trouble receiving their 1 year of Prime, so there’s no worries there. This eBay seller has sold over 11,000 Fire Phones with a respectable 99.2% positive feedback. If you’re interested, get it quick while you can.

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The Cord Cutting Show Episode 21 — Ad-Free Hulu, Apple TV Rumors, Amazon Layoffs, and more!


In this week’s episode of The Cord Cutting Show, Luke from CordCuttersNews, Ryan from TheStreamingAdvisor, and I discuss Hulu’s new ad-free service, Apple TV rumors, Amazon layoffs, Fullscreen releasing over 300 YouTube Fire TV apps, and more.

The Cord Cutting Show has a new website at where you can find all the shownotes for this episode. As always, you can subscribe to the podcast via iTunes, via the RSS feed, via YouTube, or simply download the MP3 directly.

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Amazon Dash buttons are now essentially Free for a limited time

A month ago, Amazon ended their Dash Button invite-only program and made the devices available to all Prime members to buy for $4.99 each. They’ve now started a new promotion that essentially make the Dash Buttons free. If you buy a button for $4.99, Amazon will automatically take $4.99 off the first order you place by pressing that button. The promotion’s terms say you will receive “one promotional credit per Dash Button purchased”, so it’s $4.99 off for each button. Not just $4.99 off once per customer. With each button costing $4.99, that essentially makes the button free as long as you use it once.

With the addition of brands like Hefty, Dixie, Mrs. Meyer’s, and Ice Breakers Gum, Amazon has also increased the number of Dash Button brands available from 18 to 29. Each button can be configured to order one of 500 different products sold by Amazon. You connect the buttons via wifi and configure them with Amazon’s smartphone app to order a single product when the button is pressed. In order to prevent duplicate orders, additional presses will not order additional items until your order arrives from the first press.

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App Deal: Titan Souls down from $14.99 to $7.50

Titan Souls, a Zelda-like game with only boss battles, has gone on sale for $7.50. This is the first time this game has ever dropped below its regular price of $14.99. In Titan Souls you have only one weapon, a bow, and only one arrow. You can shoot your one arrow as many times as you’d like, as long as you pick it back up. You also have a force-like ability (think Star Wars) which summons the arrow back to you at the cost of planting your feet, making you immobile while the arrow makes its way back to you. The game consists entirely of unforgiving boss battles. Success lies in learning each bosses movement pattern and determining their weakness in order to land a perfect shot which takes them down. What may be funner than playing this game is watching your friends and family play as their frustration level skyrockets with each death, only for them to throw up their arms in victory when they nail that precise shot in the end. This is one of the few premium games compatible with the Fire TV Stick, and of course, it’s also compatible with the Fire TV. You will however need a game controller to play.

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What’s New on Amazon Prime Instant Video in September

Here’s a list of the movies and shows coming to Amazon Prime Instant Video in September. Read more ›

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What’s New on Netflix in September

Here’s a list of the movies and shows coming to Netflix in September. Read more ›

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Top YouTube network releases over 300 Fire TV apps overnight

The largest YouTube network, Fullscreen Inc., just flooded the Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick appstore with over 300 apps, increasing the number of available Fire TV apps by 15% overnight. Each app is dedicated to one of Fullscreen’s over 50,000 partnered YouTube channels. The apps appear to be procedurally generated using the videos, playlists, and content from the associated YouTube channel.

Little thought has gone into making these apps. They use each channel’s YouTube header image as the app’s background image and the YouTube channel description as the app’s description, even when the content references YouTube specific features like “subscribing” and “like buttons,” which don’t make sense within a Fire TV app.

Based on the response of one YouTuber I asked, it appears the individual YouTubers whose content has been turned into a Fire TV app were not involved in the creation of these apps, and worse, were unaware these apps were even being released. This isn’t the first time YouTube channels have been appified and made available on the Fire TV platform. However, with past YouTube channel-turned-app instances, it was clear the content creators were directly involved in the app’s creation.

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New Fire TV & Fire TV Stick software updates have been released

New software updates for the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick have started making their way out to devices. As always, these updates are rolling out slowly to select devices first before they make their way out to all FIre TVs and Fire TV Sticks. The Fire TV is receiving software version, while the Fire TV Stick is receiving software version No word yet on what these software updates have in store. With any luck, they’ll fix the blank screen issue some users have been experiencing. We may also see the remaining Stagefright vulnerability patched. This update might be the one to unlock the upcoming shopping feature that first made an appearance in the software’s source code 4 updates ago, but has yet to be made available to customers. Hold tight for my update overview once I get a chance to dissect these new software versions.

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You can now download Prime Videos on iOS and Android for offline viewing

Amazon has announced today that they are expanding their Prime video downloads to iOS and Android devices. The Amazon Instant video apps in the iTunes Appstore and Amazon Appstore have been updated with the ability to download videos for offline video. Prior to today, offline video downloading and viewing was a feature limited only to Fire tablets. Now the feature is available on iPhones, iPads, and numerous ANdroid smartphones and tablets.

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Amazon Fire Phone back in stock and still $130


Looks like Amazon dug up a few more Fire Phones and is offering them for the same $130 price as last week. You still get 1 full year of Prime membership with the purchase, making the cost of the phone essentially $31. The phone quickly sold out the last time it was this price, so act quick if you want one. This may be the last of their stock.


8/31 9:14 PM Well, that didn’t last long. The Fire Phone is “currently unavailable” again.

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